Sunday, 21 October 2012

Jesus speaks of a Sign for the End Times to St. Faustina

Jesus told St. Faustina  
"Write this:  
before I come as a the Just Judge, 
I am coming first as the King of Mercy. 
 Before the day of justice arrives, 
there will be given to people a sign in the heavens of this sort:

All light in the heavens  
will be extinguished, 
and there will be a great darkness 
over the whole earth.  
Then the sign of the cross 
will be seen in the sky, 
and from the openings
where the hands and the feet 
of the Savior 
were nailed will come forth 
great lights which will light up the earth 
for a period of time.  
This will take place shortly before the last day.

Crucified Christ in the clouds
Diary of St. Faustina Kowalska Notebook one, number 83