Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Prayer to Mary, Immaculate Virgin by St. Faustina

O Mary, Immaculate Virgin,
Pure crystal for my heart,
You are my strength, O secure anchor,
You are a shield and protection for a weak heart.

O Mary, you are pure and unparalleled,
Virgin and Mother at one and the same time;
You're beautiful as the sun, by nothing defiled.
Nothing is worthy of comparison 
to the image of Your Soul.

Your beauty enthralled the 
Thrice-Holy One's eye.
That He came down from heaven, 
forsaking th'eternal See's throne.
And assumed from Your Heart Body and Blood,
Hiding for nine months in the Virgin's Heart.

O Mother, Virgin, this will no one comprehend,
That the Infinite God is becoming a man;
It's only love's and 
His inscrutable mercy's purpose.
Through You, Mother--it's given us 
to live with Him forever.

O Mary, Virgin Mother and Heaven's Gate,
Through You salvation came to us;
Every grace to us streams forth 
through Your hands,
And faithful imitation of You 
only will sanctify me.

O Mother, Virgin--most beautiful Lily.
Your Heart was for Jesus 
the first tabernacle on earth,
And that, because Your humility 
was the deepest,
Wherefore You were raised 
above Angel choirs and Saints.

O Mary, my sweet Mother,
To You I turn over my soul, 
my body and my poor heart.
Be the safeguard of my life,
Especially at death's hour, 
in the final fight.
 Prayer by St. Faustina Kowalska