Friday, 17 May 2013

Prayer In Praise of Mary, Mother of God

Prayer In Praise of Mary

Prayer given by The Queen of Heaven, Mary the Mother of God to St. Bridget

Taken from the St. Bridget Prophecies and Revelations, Chapter 8

“I am the Queen of Heaven. You are concerned about how you should praise and honor me.  Know and be certain that all praise of my Son also is praise of me, and those who dishonor Him also dishonor me. This is so because I loved Him and He loved me so ardently that both of us were like one heart. He so magnificently honored me, who was an earthen vessel, that He raised me above all the angels.

Therefore, you should praise me like this:

Blessed be you, God, Creator of all things, who deigned to descend into the womb of the Virgin

Blessed be you, God, who wished to be within the Virgin Mary without burdening her, and deigned to take immaculate flesh from her without sin! 

Blessed be you, God, who came to the Virgin,
bringing joy to her soul and her whole body, and who went out of her without sin, to the joy of her whole body! 

Blessed be you, God, who after your heavenly ascension gladdened the Virgin Mary, your Mother, with continuous comforts and visited her with your consolation! 

Blessed be you, God, who assumed the body and soul of the Virgin Mary, your Mother, into heaven and honorably placed her above all the angels next to your Divinity! 

Have mercy on me for the sake of all her prayers!”