Saturday, 29 November 2014

Prayer to Mary

To Mary in Praise!

given by the Queen of Heaven to St. Bridgett
taken from St. Bridgett Prophecies & Revelations Chapter 8

Blessed be You, God,
Creator of all things,
Who deigned to descend into
the womb of Mary!
Blessed be You God,
Who wished to be within the
Virgin Mary without burdening her,
and deigned to take immaculate flesh
from her without sin!
Blessed be You God,
Who came to the Virgin,
bringing joy to her soul
and her whole body,
and Who went out of her without sin,
to the joy of her whole body!
Blessed be You God,
who after your heavenly ascension
gladdened the Virgin Mary,
Your Mother,
with continuous comforts
and visited her with Your Consolation!
Blessed be You God,
Who assumed the body and soul
of the Virgin Mary, Your Mother,
into heaven and honorably placed her
above all the angels next to Your Divinity!
Have Mercy on me f
or the sake of all her prayers!