Saturday, 15 April 2017

Mother Mary and Easter Morning

Mary was waiting . . .

Mother Mary at the Cross
Her dearest Son—she watched Him die such a cruel death—His Bloody Body—His anguish—His struggling for each breath. . . she heard the people mocking Him as He writhed and groaned hanging there on that tree of wood. Come down from the cross if you are God’s Son. . . She heard His words “Father forgive them, they know not what they do!”  

She heard all the groans and cries of those crucified with her Son. The jeering crowd, the high priests deriding Him. . . the cries of the women who were nearby.  Mary Magdalene’s loud cries as she beheld Her Lord—His friend and apostle John who stood steadily beside her weeping silently.

She could hear Son’s shallow breathing—the gurgles—the panting—the deep groans.  Yet even then He thought of others and not Himself.  “Today you will be with Me in paradise” . . . “Woman behold your son. . . Behold your Mother.”  He thought of her—there was no man to look after her now. . . so the Perfect One—the Beloved Son—gave her one who was not perfect—and she knew from then on her mission would be to be Mother to not only John but to all of us.

“I thirst”, “It is accomplished”, “Father into Your Hands I commend My Spirit”. 

Then silence. . . He was gone . . . the earth rebelled at the creator’s death—the sun darkened, the earth quaked.  People were crying out in alarm and distress—did they realize what they had done?  The bible says they went away beating their breasts. . .

Mary holds Her Crucified Son
Confusion, yelling—all around her—but she heard nothing, saw nothing but Her beloved Son.  They thrust a lance into His Side to insure that He was truly dead.  How Mary’s heart must have revolted at the sight of this last act of cruelty.  His Blood gushed out—the last of His Blood as every drop of His Blood had been spent from the scourging and the crucifixion.  These last few ounces were from His Heart—He gave us all—everything was given. . . He held nothing back. . . Not one drop.

They took Him down from the cross. Mary held her Beloved Son in her arms. . . Her once beautiful boy that she had been given by God at the message of an angel. She had held Him as a baby, watched Him grow into a fine and wonderful young man. She watched Him go to start His mission and had watched as He healed the sick and raised the dead.  She heard His wisdom of His sermons and all of this she kept and treasured in her heart.  

Now He was gone, His lifeless body torn and bloodied lay in her arms.  What must she be thinking?  Her heart breaking. . . the feeling of crying out – Did she say in her heart – Thy Will be done?

Jesus laid in the tomb, Mary arranged His Body herself
His body was taken to a tomb . . .there was no time to anoint Him. . . the Sabbath was near.  She arranged His Body as best she could. . . she kissed Him tenderly. Then the rock was rolled into place.

Silence . . .

Night came and went . . . the sun rose—how can it after such a horrendous thing - how can the world still go on?  All of Jesus’ followers were sick and grieving. . .sorrowing, repenting their cowardice of leaving Him – the women wailing and beating their breasts for what they had witnessed. . . Exhausted was His Mother.  Calm. . . she had cried, her heart still raw from what she had witnessed.  

Her dearest Son lie in the tomb.

But He said He would rise again on the third day.  No one more than Mary, His Mother believed this.  He had told her. . . He had promised.  And she believed.  

She would wait.  

She gave comfort to all those around her.  She knew they could not see the Truth. They were all in shock and anguish.  

She waited. He will come. . . He will come.

Another night came and went—it was still dark, early morning.  She had rested as much as she could though what sleep she could get was plagued by visions of her Son’s agony on the cross. 

Risen Christ
And then—HE WAS THERE!!!  “Mother!” – he spoke so gently to her as she raised her eyes to see her beloved Son.   He was there before her—brilliant as the sun, smiling down upon her with so much love—her heart nearly burst!

“Mother”, He said again.  Mary fell down at His feet and worshiped Him.  He gently took her by the shoulders and raised her up in front of Him.  Then she saw—His face, His body—He was not marred and broken as before.  “Oh my Son!,” she cried.  He held her tenderly in His arms.  “It’s alright now Mother, all is well.” At that He disappeared.  He had others to see and uphold.  Her heart was aching with so much love and joy—she began to sing a song of praise to God—maybe the Magnificat once again!! 

This is how I see the first Easter morning.  

Jesus with His Mother Mary
Jesus loved His Mother so much—He would not have left her to know of His Resurrection by hearsay.  He would have gone to her as a good son would do.  

He IS LOVE - - of course He would!!! 

No, it’s not in the bible – but think about it—not everything that Jesus did was recorded in the bible!  Would not a man go to his mother first?  The one who loved him before anyone else? The one who raised him, protected him, taught him—loved Him. . . It only makes sense. 

As John said—And there are also many other things which Jesus did, which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen. John 21:25

This is my humble and lowly meditation. I thought I'd share it with you so that you may ponder it too.  God bless and keep you.  

Happy Easter!! 

Jesus Christ is Risen today!! Alleluia!!

Our Triumphant Holy Day!!

Christ has died 
Christ Is Risen!

Christ Will Come Again!!!!