Thursday, 21 June 2012

A Writing from St. Faustina--Divine Mercy in My Soul

Saint Faustina--Divine Mercy in My Soul

Notebook 1
St. Faustina with the Divine Mercy Image
O Eternal Love, You command Your Sacred Image [1] to be painted
And reveal to us the inconceivable fount of mercy,
You bless whoever approaches Your rays,
And a soul all black will turn into snow.

 O sweet Jesus, it is here [2] You established the throne of Your mercy
 To bring joy and hope to sinful man.
 From Your open Heart, as from a pure fount,
 Flows comfort to a repentant heart and soul.

 May praise and glory for this Image
Never cease to stream from man's soul.
 May praise of God's mercy pour from every heart,
 Now, and at every hour, and forever and ever.

 O My God...

Excerpts taken from the book, “Divine Mercy in My Soul” by Saint Faustina
Her writings can also be found on this website