Tuesday, 12 June 2012

My Patron Saint on this Blog, St. Micheal the Archangel

St. Michael the Archangel

     The First Defender of God and Heaven was 

St. Michael the Archangel

His name means -- WHO is like God??? 

 No one of course!

He is my Patron Saint as I write this blog to spread the faith by teaching, inspiring and defending it when needs be.

Saint Michael is known to be the angel that stood up against Satan, who thought he himself was as great or greater than God.  Hence his name --Michael --Who is like God?

St. Michael of Victory
In Roman Catholicism Saint Michael has four distinct roles. First, he is the supreme enemy of Satan and the fallen angels. He vanquished Satan and ejected him from Paradise and will achieve victory at the hour of the final battle with Satan. Secondly, he is the Christian angel of death: at the hour of death, Saint Michael descends and gives each soul the chance to redeem itself before passing, thus consternating the devil and his minions. Saint Michael's third role is weighing souls in his perfectly balanced scales (hence the saint is often depicted holding scales) on Judgment Day. And finally, Saint Michael is the Guardian of the Church.
In the Catholic tradition, Saint Michael symbolizes the victory of good over evil, and he has been widely represented in Catholic art through the ages. Devotions to Saint Michael have a large Catholic following, and a large number of churches are dedicated to him worldwide.   

In the New Testament Michael leads God's armies against Satan's forces in the Book of Revelation, where during the war in heaven he defeats Satan.  "Then war broke out in heaven; Michael and his angels battled against the dragon. The dragon and its angels fought back, but they did not prevail and there was not longer a place for them in heaven.  The huge dragon, the ancient serpent who is called the Devil and Satan, who deceived the whole world, was thrown down to the earth and its angels were thrown down with it." Revelation 12:7-9

Dead Sea Scroll

Dead Sea Scrolls also mention St. Michael the Archangel --

Angel of Revelation

In the War Scroll, according to Menahem Mansoor, the angels of light, who are identified with Michael, the prince of light, will fight in heaven against the angels of darkness, who are identified with Belial, while the Sons of Light fight the Sons of Darkness on earth, and during the last of the seven battles described in the scroll will come and help the Sons of Light win the final victory.

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Our Lady of Sorrows

In my blog I wish to share what I have learned about being a Catholic and a Christian -- I am called a "Cradle Catholic", which means I was brought up in the Faith of the Catholic Church since I was born and baptized.  I have noticed to my deep dismay so much persecution against the Church.  And wondered maybe it's because they do not understand... Could that be???  

Well, to further the education of  the masses and defend my beliefs, I will be sharing blogs on the following subjects AND more:
  • Catechism Lessons - the Basics and where to find more information
  •  Saints Inspirational writings - Saints writing about faith issues, about the Trinity, sacraments, being a martyr and much more...
St. Michael cutting through fear
  • Images, Stories & Writings of the Saints - There are so many saints in the Catholic Church that lived exemplary lives, they teach us how to be faithful and give us a glimpse into their journey of faith.
  • Angels Who are They? You see angels pictures and figures everywhere but do you know who they are? and what God's purpose for them is?
  • Sacraments what are They? There are Seven Sacraments in the Catholic Church each one leading a soul closer to God
  • The Popes who are they and why do we follow their guidance? Their lives and what they have accomplished in their time as the Supreme Pontiff, the list of popes from the beginning with St. Peter, the First Pope
  • Persecutions against the Christian faith as well as the Catholic Church -- What is happening in the world when we are told we cannot pray in schools, have Christmas stables up, saying Merry Christmas is outlawed... and what is happening around the world to Christians who are being murdered for their faith.
  • Atheism the New Religion -- What do they believe and why? Educated witnesses that were atheists and are now Christians   
These subjects may not be found in order as above.. but once I get the majority of information I've compiled added, you will be able to find them easily.

I do welcome any comments you may have... it's how we both learn, but remember I WILL defend my faith. 

If you believe in Jesus Christ as Son of God, and that He came to earth and died for the sins of many, then YOU are a Christian.
If you believe in the succession of Peter and the  teachings of the Holy Catholic Church, you are a Catholic (or should be)

If you believe in Jesus Christ as Son of God, and that He came to earth and died for the sins of many, then YOU are a Christian.
If you believe in the succession of Peter and the  teachings of the Holy Catholic Church, you are a Catholic (or should be)