Thursday, 21 July 2016

Teach Our Children About God, Don't Let Others Teach Them About Evil!

St. John Chrysostom, Bishop 

Saint John Chrysostom 
lived in the years
349 – 407 A.D.

He wrote the words below 
which pertain more urgently today! 

"They" are teaching our children 
evil in our schools -- 

We MUST teach them the TRUTH 
to give them the strength 
to resist this evil generation --- 
the times are changing fast... 

Will YOUR children 
be able to enter the Kingdom???  

to insure they know the Truth!

Keep Our Kids Innocent!

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We Must be Concerned 
for the Children’s Good

From a homily on the Gospel of Matthew
by Saint John Chrysostom, bishop

By the words: 
Their angels see my Father’s face 
and for this purpose have I come, 
and this is m Father’s Will, 
the Lord is calling for greater care 
from those who are in charge of children.

Their Angels see the Face of God

Do you not see what a protective wall he has built round them?

Appalling punishments are threatened 
for those who cause their downfall; 
great blessings are promised to those 
who protect and care for them; 
and all this is confirmed by the example 
both he and his Father give.

Jesus Loves the Children
Let us too imitate Him and refuse no task, however humble and arduous it may seem, on behalf of those who are our brothers.  

We may have to serve someone who is small and unimportant, if we undertake this work; the job may be very taxing; mountains and precipices may lie in our way; for the sake of our brothers’ salvation everything must be endured.  

God, after all, cares so much for the soul of man that he did not spare even his Son.  

So, I beg you, from the very moment we leave our homes in the morning, let us have but one aim in view, let this be our chief concern, to rescue anyone who is in danger.

is as precious as a human soul.  

For what does it profit a man if 
he gains the whole world but suffers the loss of his soul?  

1 Timothy 6:10

Yet the love of money has perverted 
and destroyed our values; 
it has driven out the fear of God 
and holds our souls in its power, 
as a tyrant holds a citadel.  

In consequence we neglect the spiritual welfare of our children and of ourselves in our desire to become richer and leave our wealth to others, and they again to their descendants.  We are not really owners of our money and other possessions; we merely hand them on.  The folly of it!  

Our children become lower than our slaves.  We punish slaves, but our children do not profit from our forethought, and in effect are regarded as less valuable than our slaves.

But why talk about slaves?  
We take less care of our children than our cattle; 
we worry more about our horses and donkeys 
(in our time of course cars, houses, etc) 
than about our sons. (and daughters!) 

If a man owns a mule he takes good care to find the best driver for it, not some scoundrel who is dishonest, drunken and inexperienced.  

Whereas if our son needs a teacher, 
we take on the first man who comes along, 
quite haphazardly and without any selection. 

Teachers Influence YOUR children -- Do YOU know what they are teaching?

Yet no profession 
is more important 
than that of teaching.

For what could equal an art which aims at directing the soul and forming the mind and character of a young man?  One with these gifts should be more conscientious than any painter or sculptor.  Yet we completely neglect all this.  

The one thing that matters to us is that our son should learn to speak well.  And even this we are keen on simply for the sake of making money.  He does not study a language primarily to enable him to speak well, but only to enable him to get rich.  In fact, if man could become wealthy without being able to speak at all, we would not bother about such lessons.

What a tyranny money exercises!  It invades the whole life forcing men to go where it chooses, like slaves in chains.  But what good is our invective?  We make a verbal attack on this tyranny; it defeats us by the sheer force of events.  

Nonetheless, I shall not stop lashing it with my tongue; if my words achieve anything, you and I will both be the gainers; if, however, you remain of the same mind, at least I shall have done my duty.

Still, may God cure you of this disease, and grant me the satisfaction of being able to take pride in you.  To him be glory and power for ever and ever. Amen.